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Jose Balcazar and Rosabelia Baza

Hispanic Marriage Preparation Coordinators

“For us, marriage is the mutual attention that comes with love, respect and trust towards our partner having tolerance, patience and forgiveness.”

Gabriel Santana and Matilde Guadalupe

Married in the Church for 22 Years

“For us, having God’s blessing is a privilege and a commitment where forgiveness attends and continues to fight for our marriage despite the difficulties of keeping a great family together.”

Bernardo and Magdalena Valle


“Marriage for us is a sacred covenant with God; mutual union between a man and a woman. It is a bond of love that is not broken.”

Tomas Vargas-González and Nicolasa Cantero-García

Married by the Church for 9 Years

“Marriage for us is 1. Mutual love; 2. Consecration to God; 3. A gift from God.”


Mario Cardenas and Leticia Calvillo

Married for 25 Years

“Marriage is love, surrender, and fidelity; a gift of God that if we accept, He will guide us in every moment and bless us in the prosperous and in the adverse.”

Eddie Chavez and Bacilia Calvillo

Married for 22 Years

“Marriage is the highest priority in a couple’s life after their relationship with God. It is one of the most beautiful sacraments where God says, man will leave his father and his mother and join his wife and both will become one flesh. Then, they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has united, no human being may separate.”

German and Obdulia Carbajal

Married for 28 Years

“For us, marriage is a beginning to live in pairs with God’s blessing so it is more difficult to dissolve marriage because God is always with us in every decision we make. If God is present nothing collapses us as a couple and family. Even though we have storms, we will persist with God’s help. We learned that love has to be fed everyday so that the flame of love never goes out.

Wilfredo and Maria Hernandez

Married Civilly for 26 Years and in the Church for 2 Years

“For us, marriage is a very beautiful sacrament that God raised where man and woman unite freely for life. They will be to help each other, to procreate and, to educate their children.”

Andres and Matilde Espinosa

Married for 19 Years

“Marriage is the act of love that God left to man and woman to make a covenant between them both by sealing their souls to be one forever and thus receiving God’s blessing in their lives and this reaches their children as well.”



Luis Carlos and Celina Baza

Married in the Church for 20 Years

“For us marriage is a sacred covenant that we made a day with God where we promised to love to care for ourselves and to help each other despite being two totally different people of characters and thoughts and knowing that with God, as our father, we will be able to fulfill it, and, so together with our children, follow His way day by day.”

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