“The joy of love experienced by families is also the joy of the Church”

Pope Francis, Amoris Laetitia, no. 1

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Beginning Your Family

Natural Family Planning (NFP)

The USCCB states “NFP methods are based on the observation of the naturally occurring signs and symptoms of the fertile and infertile phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle. No drugs, devices, or surgical procedures are used to avoid pregnancy. Since the methods of NFP respect the love-giving (unitive) and life-giving (procreative) nature of the conjugal act, they support God’s design for married love!”

Here are some trained NFP coaches within our diocese:

Creighton Model Fertility Care System

Carrie Harkey, FCPI – Venice


Margaret Kelly, FCPI – Naples
Email:  MPKELLY510@gmail.com


Lupita Carrall – Miami (bi-lingual)
Email:  luputacrms@gmail.com

Couple to Couple League Method

Webpage: www.ccli.org
Website gives class availability either by distance or onsite learning.


Spencer and Andrea McSorley – Lakewood Ranch
Email:  Ablyth3@gmail.com

Marquette Method

Website:  marquettemethod.com

Billings Ovulation Method

Website:  www.boma-usa.org

For more information on NFP, visit the Diocese of Venice’s page on Natural Family Planning

Family Life and Parenting

Check out the Family Life and Parenting page on the For Your Marriage© website which provides an array of support and article topics ranging from welcoming children to family dynamics and parenting.

Support for families with low income

If you are in need of utility bill assistance, gas and transportation assistance, food assistance, and education assistance, please contact the local Society of St. Vincent De Paul©.

Local food pantries

Help for marriage difficulties

No marriage is beyond hope. The Retrouvaille Program© is for marriages facing difficulties. Click below for more information.

Surviving Divorce

Surviving Divorce: Hope and Healing for Catholic Families© provide resources to help in the healing regardless of where you are in the divorce or separation. Surviving Divorce does not encourage or endorse divorce, it simply knows it exists and offers helpful resources in restoring the “fullness of health, life, and joy to every family.” Click below to check out their website.

End of Life and Grief Support

Check out the below information on end-of-life decisions.

For more help or information on any of these topics, please visit the Diocese of Venice Marriage Enrichment page. And or contact the diocesan Family Life Coordinator: Carrie Harkey.

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